'How Much to Remember' in College Libraries

We are pleased to say that Stanford University, Wesleyan University, University of Calgary, and Mount Royal University have recently purchased copies of the DVD for their academic libraries.


Students surveyed at a recent screening in the Film and Holocaust course at the University of California Santa Cruz uniformly found ‘How Much to Remember’ a vital addition to the curriculum and to their understanding of the Holocaust and its legacy.  In the students’ own words, ‘How Much to Remember’ is the first film they have seen that gives them “a perspective on how memories and suffering are passed from one generation to the next.”

Direct quotations from the students include:
“It was very effective to follow the experience of an entire family.  It brought me closer to the subject matter.”
“I was especially able to connect with the young granddaughter who was third generation.”
“What an incredible film.  It truly deals with the ongoing pain of survivors and their offspring.”

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