6th Annual Reno Uke Fest

Just back from the Reno Ukulele Festival. It was lots of fun meeting ukers from all over and sharing the story of the ‘legendary’ club with many of the folks.



Photo by Craig Chee




Bern outside our hotel in Sparks, Nevada.

Bern outside our hotel in Sparks, Nevada.








Pineapple Mango-Vimeo upload 720p from Nina Koocher on Vimeo.

Here is the final number of the final night. Left to Right: Nani Edgar, Daniel Ho, Sarah Maisel, Gerald Ross, Craig Chee, Daniel Ward, Doug Reynolds, Jason Arimoto, Brad Ranola, Heidi Swedberg.

They are joining in together for a rendition of “Pineapple Mango,” to be part of the Worldwide Ukulele Ensemble.

Daniel is hoping to create a YouTube video of thousands of people from all over the world playing/singing “Pineapple Mango.”

To be part of this event, you can submit your own video here.


Sparks, Nevada