I just wanted to let you know that apparently old dogs can learn new tricks (at least sort of). Inspired by your film, which we have watched many times, I finally decided several months ago to try to learn to play ukulele. The specific occasion was our son Peter’s birthday. He plays piano, keyboard, and guitar (and quite well), so we decided to surprise him with a uke. That’s when I decided why not. So I took the plunge. So here I am after some on-line learning, a class (with Danno Sullivan, who I think you know), and a couple of private lessons, and, as I tell Debbie, I may not be completely hopeless! This for someone who has never played anything and has no discernible ear for music. And I’ve joined the Boston Ukulele Union and gone to a couple of meet-ups. I’m even planning to go to their Ukulele Melee in June (at Brandeis).

So thank you, because if nothing else I am having a great time. And my great hope is that eventually I may even be able to play and sing at the same time. Hope springs eternal!