What do Tony Graziano, Rick Turner and Mike DaSilva have in common?

luthier |ˈloōtēər| noun

a maker of stringed instruments such as violins or guitars. [and most definitely ukuleles.]

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from French, from luth ‘lute.’

This week, I’ve been re-editing a segment for the film on local luthiers.

Below are a couple of excerpts that unfortunately wound up on the editing room floor.  So I’d like to share them.

Featured here is Mike DaSilva playing a tenor uke he made from beautiful Mango wood.  Although Mike lives in Berkeley and runs his own Ukulele workshop, club and performance space, he is a treasured member of the Uke Club of Santa Cruz.  (Remember the rule, if you show up, you’re a member).

I would guess the ukulele spirit is to belong to as many ukulele clubs as you can.

There are so many great instrument makers here in Santa Cruz.   Two who are in attendance as often as possible are Tony Graziano and Rick Turner.

Here is a friendly exchange between Tony and Rick that occurred one evening in the Bocci’s courtyard, as the room was being reset from the afternoon workshop to the meeting.  The discussion being, you never know where you’ll come up with a great piece of wood that cries out to be a ukulele.  Jayme Kelly Curtis holds one of Rick’s Compass Ukes.